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EAA Event Request: Regional Networks
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For Paid events:
- all paid event with ticket cost of $5+ will be subject to a $5 fee for each transaction and donated to Student Flourishing fund

- choose the paid event cancellation policy below to include in your page request

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FREE EVENTS Fund Designation: each FREE event build page request will include an embedded giving link

The event details will be added to ADV Constituents Calendar when the event page is created.

If this event will appeal to leadership prospects - indicate that below. If yes, the roster for this event will be added 2 weeks and 3 business days before the event to the ADV Constituents Calendar



REVM operations colleagues will prepare and send swag for events. Please do not order central swag more than 3 weeks before the event.

Note: If you indicate that you want the small swag kit, your team coordinator will schedule and send your small event kit 3-5 days before an event.
Reminder: when you order central swag, please forward the order confirmation to your coordinator. Please do not order central swag for an event more than 30 days in advance.

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