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The Emory Alumni Association (EAA) and Office of the President welcomes the opportunity to support programs and events organized by recognized student organizations that seek to enhance the student-to-alumni experience, build pride and tradition, create opportunities for awareness of the University and alumni association mission, and encourage students to become engaged alumni. To be considered for a sponsorship, please read and complete the below online form.

Types of Sponsorships Offered: Funding & Resource

  • Program Funding between $50-$500
  • Recruitment of alumni speakers, panelists, participants
  • Access to alumni lists and information relevant to the program/organization
  • Alumni/Speaker gifts
  • Miller Ward Alumni House Event Space Sponsorship (Note: space is limited and subject to availability.)


  • Student organizations should read, complete, and submit the below sponsorship request form in its entirety.
  • Requests must be submitted at least 1 month before the organization's scheduled program date.
  • A program evaluation must be submitted within 14 days following the program/event. If an evaluation is not submitted, requested funds could be rescinded and/or future sponsorship requests could be denied.

*Non-Emory affiliated charitable programs or events requiring registration fees or individual fundraising efforts are permitted only if no University resources are used in order to solicit or promote the solicitation of funds.

Criteria: What kind of activities can be sponsored?

The committee will consider sponsorship of student programs that meet the following criteria:

  • The program is in keeping with University policies and procedures.
  • The program and initiative supports the university’s and the EAA’s mission.
  • The program invites collaboration, fosters inclusivity, or builds community.
  • The program enhances the student-to-alumni experience.
  • The program will allow for the EAA, SAA, and/or Office of the President’s logo and name to be prominently displayed in marketing material.
  • The program will allow for in-person or virtual communication of core messages from the EAA, SAA, and/or Office of the President.
  • The organization must complete and submit a post-event program evaluation.

    If funding is approved, an appropriate level of sponsorship will be determined by the sponsorship review committee according to the goals and projected impact of the program, with the highest consideration given to organizations touching on all or a majority of the key outcome areas below:

    Promotes Awareness of Alumni

  • Highlights notable alumni

  • Shares alumni benefits and resources available to students

    Builds Emory Pride and Tradition

  • Increases school spirit

  • Develops a sense of Emory tradition that bolsters the student experience


    Facilitates Connections

  • Promotes opportunities for student-alumni connections

  • Encourages collaboration with other groups or students

  • Unites the Emory and/or Atlanta community


    Generates Investment and Support

  • Introduces the value of the Emory network and resources as students, while building Emory affinity

  • Instills a sense of investment and long-term connection to Emory through and beyond their student experience


     The Process and FAQs

  • Sponsorships will be reviewed within 2 weeks, assuming timely follow up has occurred by the student group for any additional details required by the committee.
  • The student group representative will be contacted once a decision has been made.
  • The Emory Alumni Association will deny any requests submitted after the 1 month deadline or any requests that do not complement the mission and/or values of the EAA or Office of the President.
  • Sponsored funds may NOT be used for political campaigning, personal travel, fundraising, and individual projects and aid (e.g. conference/presentations, unfunded research, financial aid, etc.).