Turman Service Award Nomination Form

EAA Turman Service Award
J. Pollard Turman Service Award
The J. Pollard Turman Alumni Service Award recognizes distinguished Emory alumni who have demonstrated exceptional volunteer leadership in alumni-related activities. Recipients of the Turman Award are selected by the Emory Alumni Board based upon one or more of the following criteria:
  • Extraordinary service to Emory through school alumni organizations, regional clubs, class programs, and other related groups.
  • Leadership roles assumed through the Emory Alumni Association (EAA).
  • Achievements in developing and enhancing alumni-related activities.
  • Exceptional contributions of time and expertise as a part of his or her volunteer service on behalf of Emory.
The Tull Foundation will make a gift of $25,000 to Emory in honor of the Turman Award recipient to be directed to an Emory program, school, or division of his or her choosing. The direction of the gift shall be made in consultation with a designated staff member from the Office of Development and University Relations and appropriate deans and directors. The gift may be made to either academic or nonacademic programs, but must be directed—in its entirety—to a single entity with a valid account number within Emory.

Nominations for the Turman Award are solicited and accepted each year by the EAA. To nominate an alumnus, please fill out the below form and then submit a statement of no more than one typewritten page describing how the nominee meets at least one of the criteria above. This additional information can be emailed to Fiona Riedl at friedl@emory.edu.

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Additional supporting documents describing how the nominee meets the above criteria and any questions can be uploaded.
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